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Square End Caps

By STOCKCAP / Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

A unique end design makes these caps perfect for applications requiring "ease of removal." The square end acts as a knob which allows the cap to be taken off very easily.

Use for protecting threads, tubing and fittings from damage during shipping and processing. Square end also prevents rolling for use on packaging tubes.

Length of Square End Caps: Square End Caps are available in any length, in .062" (1.57 mm) increments. Minimum length is .187" (4.75mm).

Maximum length is stated in chart. Inside length tolerance is ± .062" (1.57 mm). Inside length is measured along the side wall to the radius of the closed end, not down the center.

Wall thickness of Square End Caps: Wall Thickness "C" is measured .250" (6.35 mm) from the open end, increasing slightly toward the closed end. Wall tolerance is ±.010" (0.25 mm).

Materials of Square End Caps: Numerous materials are available. Our most common material is a 75 durometer PVC with a glossy finish. See material chart for specifications.

Standard Colors of Square End Caps: Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Gray. Numerous other colors available.