Square Caps

By STOCKCAP / Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

Available in 14 different dimensions, vinyl square caps can be applied quickly and easily. The vinyl material fits tightly and resists cracking or splitting.

Wide Selection of Square Caps:

Choose from over a thousand sizes in your choice of bright colors in both hard and soft materials.

Hundreds of design variations are possible by varying wall thickness, hardness, inside length and surface texture.

Applications of Square Caps:

  • Decorative End Caps
  • Shipping Protectors
  • Masks (for painting, plating, powder coating, shot blasting)
  • Finishing caps

Length of Square Caps: All Square Caps are available in any length up to the maximum shown, within .062" (1.57 mm) increments.


Wall thickness of Square Caps: Wall Thickness "C" is measured .250" (6.35 mm) from the open end, increasing slightly toward the closed end. Wall tolerance is ±.010" (0.25 mm).

Materials of Square Caps: Numerous materials are available. Our most common material is a 75 durometer PVC with a glossy finish. See material chart for specifications.

Standard Colors of Square Caps: Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Gray. Numerous other colors available.