Hi-Temp Plus Plugs

By STOCKCAP / Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

With their 360° pull tab design, vinyl plus plugs can be inserted and removed with relative ease.

These flexible plugs conform to internal threads and provide a tight seal during the painting or plating process.

Features of Hi -Temp Plus Plugs:

  • One size fits several different ports
  • Plugs won't shred, split or crack

Applications of Hi -Temp Plus Plugs:

  • Masks (for painting, plating, coating, shot blasting)
  • Thread protectors
  • Moisture and contamination barriers
  • Shipping protectors

OD of Hi -Temp Plus Plugs: Due to the flexibility of our vinyl one size often fits many holes. Choose the plug with a minimum OD that is slightly larger than the hole you are trying to plug.

Materials of Hi -Temp Plus Plugs:

Hi-Temp Vinyl Plus Plugs

Hi-Temp Plus Plugs have been used in temperatures up to 446° F (230°C).

While these caps were initially designed to be used in liquid painting processes with high cure temperatures, many customers have been able to use Hi-Temp vinyl in their powder coating processes