Hanger Caps


Colorful Hanger Caps add convenience to hundreds of products. Providing a snug, secure fit, these caps won't slide off under the toughest conditions.

Applications of Hanger Caps:

  • Packaging Tubes
  • Tools
  • Sporting goods
  • Kitchen tools
  • Brushes
  • Brooms

Length of Hanger Caps: Hanger Caps are available in any length, in .062" (1.57 mm) increments. Minimum length is .187" (4.75mm).


Maximum length is stated in chart. Inside length tolerance is ± .062" (1.57 mm). Inside length is measured along the side wall to the radius of the closed end, not down the center.

Wall thickness of Hanger Caps: Wall Thickness "C" is measured .250" (6.35 mm) from the open end, increasing slightly toward the closed end. Wall tolerance is ±.010" (0.25 mm).

Materials of Hanger Caps: Textured and glossy materials available.

Standard Colors of Hanger Caps: Black, Red, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Gray. Numerous other colors available.