FC Flange Covers

By STOCKCAP / Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

Design allows for quick and simple application. Fit is snug and conforms to a wide variety of flanged and beaded tubes.

Covers are reusable and won't crack or split.

Features of FC Flange Covers:

  • Fits most standard joints and flared tubing
  • Resists weather, moisture and chemicals
  • Shipped immediately from stock

Applications of FC Flange Covers:

  • Shipping and storage caps
  • Paint masks
  • Dust and moisture barriers

Material of FC Flange Covers: Numerous materials are available. Our most common material is a 75 durometer PVC with a glossy finish. See material chart for specifications.

Standard Colors of FC Flange Covers: Stocked in Yellow. Numerous other colors available.