recruitaustralia.com conducts permanent, contract and temporary recruitment in the areas of industrial, engineering trades, sales and administrative/office recruitment.

Safety and reliability are essential in recruiting industrial staff, as is possession of the requisite skill set. recruitaustralia.com conducts OH & S training and aptitude testing. This ensures that workers have the skills and the mindset essential for success.

Qualified, competent and motivated tradespeople make the difference. We determine the motivation of those seeking work with your company. The result? A skilled, committed workforce.

The sales team is the driving force behind the success of your business. We ensure that those selected have a proven sales record and, equally importantly, will fit the culture of your organisation. recruitaustralia.com tailors the recruitment process specifically to meet your requirements.

From front-line staff such as receptionists and PAs, to data processors, sales and marketing assistants and accounts staff, recruitaustralia.com can address all of your office staffing needs.

Sales Training
Our specialist sales training will ensure the best results from your sales team. Learn new strategies and ways to increase business . . . immediately.

recruitaustralia.com conducts team-building retreats. Again, immediate results are the focus.

Out Placement
Best equip your former staff for their next position. recruitaustralia.com will assist staff in securing appropriate positions as quickly as possible.

The recruitment process is customised for each individual client within the following framework.

recruitaustralia.com will:
- Perform a candidate database search
- Write and place internet and newspaper advertisements
- Assess all applications
- Conduct interviews using Behavioural Descriptive Interviewing Techniques (BDI) to  assess candidates
- Test the skills, attitudes and aptitudes of candidates
- Arrange a second interview with your company and the candidate
- Arrange a third interview on your premises
- Advise on renumeration
- Negotiate with the successful applicant and forward a letter of offer
- Provide a standard guarantee of replacement for a period of two (2) months
- Handle all correspondence with unsuccessful candidates
- Provide both client and candidate follow-up and support

Our in-house psychologist allows us to access all relevant psychological tests.
Each test battery will be carefully selected to ensure its absolute compatibility with your objectives.