By ASP Microcomputers

It's easy to build your own online roster. Click here to create yours, complete with sample data for you to explore and modify.

Whether you call them Rosters, Rotas, or Schedules, is the best way to build and distribute staff working schedules.

Anyone with a connection to the internet can use Rostermatic. Workplaces currently enjoying the benefits of this powerful software range in size from 5 to 100+ staff.

Designed for...

·         Hospitals 

·         Medical Centres 

·         Shops 

·         Bars

·         Restaurants

·         Concert Venues 

·         Factories

·         Security

·         Call Centres

·         Fire Stations

·         Ambulance

·         Police

·         Rescue Services

Accessibility - You and your staff always have the very latest schedule to hand, viewable on the Internet. If staff need a hard copy printed version, a 'fridge-door friendly' calendar showing their own shifts can be printed. Roster administrators can control the roster from home, or wherever they have access to the Internet.

Immediacy - When the roster is changed, those  details are immediately available to anyone viewing the roster online. The broadcast module will suggest which staff are affected by the changes and mark them for rebroadcasting, by email or SMS text message.

Interactivity - This is the part that really makes the program fly. Users can request holidays (for salaried staff), update availability (in the case of contractors and casual staff), modify their details and preferences, and participate in your roster's online message board.

Versatility - Rostermatic works for many different types of workplace. Striving to meet the needs of our clients has led to user-customisable features... and that means it's a better fit for the way you work.