Weigh Label Systems

By Cedar Creek Company

The design of Cedar Creek’s innovative Weigh Label Systems is modular,
based on our Weigh Label System (WLS) software. It comprises of a touch
screen unit, a scale base/indicator unit and a high spec industrial
printer. All touch screen computers and printers are visible on the
network; enabling product specifications, label formats, and order data
to be downloaded simply and quickly and production data to be made
available enterprise-wide in ‘near real time’. Order entry is provided
for specific customer product requirements. The Weigh Label System can
be stand-alone for single users or networked for multiple station
requirements. Remote management is also provided to edit, manipulate
and report on production. This system provides for the identification,
weighing and labelling of products.

Cedar Creek’s Weigh Label System integrates with the following modules:

a. The Product Specification and Labelling Control module to ensure products are packed according to compliance.

The Label Design and Control module to ensure products are labelled
according to business, national and international compliance

c. The Production Scheduling and Control module to ensure that all orders are being processed. 

Weigh Label System software can be configured to the exact requirements
of your business.  There is an emphasis is on real-time, automated data
collection, labelling and control.  The system allows for manual,
semi-automatic or fully automatic labelling. Cedar Creek Company
provides interfaces to your existing or new software systems, including
materials requirement planning and enterprise resource planning
systems; which optimises integration throughout the business.  It also
interfaces with Cedar Creek’s range of Carton Mergers and Sort Units.

Weigh Label System is comprised of several discrete hardware modules
which can be deployed as required, allowing maximum flexibility and
efficiency in the production of both cuts and cartons.  All of Cedar
Creek’s systems are of stainless steel construction and are suitable
for food production areas. The Weigh Label System is available in
either manual, automatic or piece mode configurations.

The system can be configured to provide: 
a. Scanners for production identification
b. Automatic weighing and labelling
c. Automatic carton alignment prior to labelling
d. Verification scanners to validate barcode readability