Spill Containment Low Profile Drum Bund (Spill Pallet) Range

By Global Spill & Safety

Global Spill Control's new range of Australian Made, Low Profile Drum Bunds (Spill Pallets) are great for capturing all of those leaks, drips and spills you may have in your workplace, increasing workplace safety and ensuring you meet EPA Regulations.

Our Low Profile Spill Pallets are available as a:

  • DB2LP | 2 Drum | 83L Capacity
  • DB4LP | 4 Drum | 145L Capacity
  • DB6LP | 6 Drum | 240L Capacity
  • DB8LP | 8 Drum | 270L Capacity

These bunds can be joined to form “Bunded Work Platforms”, with Sump Connections and “Anti-Spill Strips”, they create the perfect work area dealing with lots of liquids, or simply cannot afford to have a spill.