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Mon May 20 2019

Autefa's Sweep-off Glass Bottle Depalletiser

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

AUTEFA Automation of Augsburg Germany, a specialist in automated product handling and automated warehousing systems have a newly designed Sweep-Off Depalletiser that was created to eliminate damage to glass bottles that occurs with standard depalletisers.


Traditionally, bulk glass bottles are delivered on flat intermediate layers (slip sheets), which are often protected by stretch/shrink films. This results in the rounded corners of the slip sheets to bend downwards. This deformation of the slip sheet causes bottles to fall down during the sweep off process and often results in broken bottles with the potential for glass fragment contamination on the filling line.


The sweep-off depalletiser from AUTEFA is equipped with an additional lifting column and centering frame which is separate from the sweep-off table. The machine fixes and secures the bottle layer during every lifting and sweeping movement. Each bottle layer remains fixed by the centring frame until the sweep-off cycle is complete. Intelligent software maintains control of the bottles at all times which ensures for precision and minimises breakages.