SM-1 Pallet Cage

By Bremco Metal Products Pty Ltd

The SM.1 pallet cage is the first and most popular pallet of the Cevol range.

This unit can also be modified and supplied as an SM.1R to be used in pallet racking - when supplied standard, the SM.1 is self stacking.


  • Base Dimensions: 1220mm x 915mm
  • Usable Space: 1200mm x 885mm
  • Outside Feet: 1330mm x 1040mm
  • Overall Height: 940mm
  • Inside Height: 735mm
  • Under Base: 120mm
  • Load Capacity (Static): 700kg per unit stacked 5 high
  • Cubic Capacity: 0.83 m3
  • Approximate Mass: 65kg