Side Entry Pallet Dispenser

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Side Entry Pallet Dispenser

The side entry pallet dispenser incoproates a pair of telescoping tynes mounted onto the platform of a hydraulic lift table.  It is ideal when setup to dispense pallets onto a conveyor alternatively the side entry dispeners can dispense or accumulate individual pallets at the floor making them available to a hand pallet truck.

How do Pallet Dispensers work?

Side Entry pallet dispensers incorporate a pair of telescoping tynes mounted onto the deck of a hydraulic table. The tynes project out to support and elevate the pallet stack. To dispense a pallet the tynes project into the second bottom pallet. The tynes then lift the stack, leaving the bottom pallet free to be removed. A wide range of pallet sizes can be handled without alteration to the machine. Loading and dispensing happen from the same side.

When used with conveyors pallet stacks can be forked or conveyed into position and the individual pallets dispensed onto the conveyor.

As stand alone units the side entry dispensers can accept a pallet stack placed on the floor and dispense individual pallets onto the floor. This means the pallet stack can be loaded and individual pallets removed using only a hand pallet truck.