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Palift Series II


Palift - Pallet Levellers Information:

  • Palift automatically keeps the pallet or stillage load at the optimum working height when loading or unloading goods.
  • Saves workers backs.
  • Productivity gains of up to 40%.
  • Built-in turntable allows simple load rotation and access to all sides.
  • No power, air or maintenance required.
  • Durable and tough, Palift is galvanised and suitable for washdown.
  • Lifetime spring warranty and 3 year frame warranty

Palift Lite
Palift Lite caters for the lighter 150-250kg weight range. It incorporates a single spring centrally located beneath a hinged spring cap, 1100mm turntable, built-in fork sockets in the base and durable hot dipped galvanised finish. Maximum 250kg loads.

Palift Maxi for loads exceeding 2,000 kgs
Palift Maxi caters for loads exceeding the 2000kg SWL . It is suited to wider heavier loads such as bricks, timber, cement sheets etc. As with the standard palift it is available with a square top or 1100mm turntable, and has a durable hot dipped galvanised finish. 2500kg SWL is available.Used mainly with masonry or heavy timber products.

How does Palift work?
Pallet Levellers resemble scissor lift tables in appearance. They have a top deck and a base connected by a pair of scissor legs. The levelling mechanism is a set of springs and is set to the weight and height (the density) of the product. From then on the levellers work automatically and raise or lower as the weight changes. This load setting is a simple process and for most users springs never have to be changed. A shock absorber is used to prevent any bounce and all Australian Palifts are supplied with a standard galvanised finish.


  • All manual palletising and depalletising.
  • Factory and warehouse, washdown and harsh environments
  • Suitable for use with stillages, cages and other containers.
  • Tandem Palifts ideal for loading timber.


  • Stainless Steel.
  • Mobile Units.
  • Tandem Units for long loads.