Palift - Spring Loaded Pallet Positioner

By Sitecraft

The Palift is a load elevating and lowering device designed to eliminate the bending required when loading or unloading palletised goods. Palift is a simple, robust mechanism consisting of a scissor lift between two steel platforms. The lifting force is generated by heavy duty compression springs with shock absorbers fitted to dampen the vertical movement of the load. A selection of springs is available to suit a wide range of loads up to two tonnes.


  • Plastic safety sheet to protect hands and fingers
  • Springs quick and easy to change if necessary with hinged release mechanism
  • Holes for optional adjustable feet for uneven floors
  • Durable galvanised frame guaranteed for 3 years
  • Forklift tine sockets for easy relocation
  • Quick & easy capacity changes
  • Available with optional castors for easy mobility
  • Turntable top – allows load to be rotated

Palift Options

A range of options and accessories are available to allow the Palift to be even more versatile in a wide range of applications.

Both a rotating top (as pictured above) or a fixed square top is available. A turntable brake can be fitted to allow the rotating top to be secured in a fixed position when required.

Palift Lite

Palift Lite caters for the lighter 150kg - 250kg weight range. It incorporates a single spring centrally located beneath a hinged spring cap. The standard unit is supplied with an 1100mm diameter rotating turntable, built in fork pockets in the base and finished in durable hot dipped galvanised finish.

Palift Mobile

Palift mobile allows for easy manouevrability, the mobile palift is limited to a maximum capacity of 1400kg supplied with heavy duty industrial castors.