OptiLedge- Plastic Pallet Alternative

By Australian Warehouse Solutions

Australian Warehouse Solutions - The OptiLedge… Logic at Work

The OptiLedge is a robust and hygienic plastic pallet alternative.  OptiLedge provides legs for forklift access.  If goods are unitized, (a solid load) OptiLedge is a great alternative to traditional wooden pallets. 

Peter Holmes, Managing Director of Australian Warehouse Solutions (AWS) said, “OptiLedge weighs one kilo and a pair is capable of supporting loads up to two tons”.

The one-way transport and recyclable Optiledge eliminates cumbersome pallet exchange or return policy issues. In reuse applications, consider this:

An average truck holds approximately 500 wooden pallets.  That same truck holds tens of thousands of Optiledge unit load carriers.  The difference cuts the cost of transporting empty pallets significantly.

The non-organic, completely hygienic and phytosanitary Optiledge does not absorb moisture or retain contaminants such as toxins, moulds and bacteria which makes it a valuable tool in the food shipping industry.

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