Lo-Level Tilter / Cold Store Tilter

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Lo-Level Tilter / Cold Store Tilter

This tilter is ideal for floor level access via a hand pallet truck. It is designed with a top platen so the load is lightly clamped and returned upright.

Safetech's Cold Store Tilter is designed specifically to assist operators removing dunnage from pallet loads of chilled goods. Used in an umber of cold stores it tilts the pallet onto it's side so that the operator can safely and quickly remove the dunnage sheets from between the layers of chilled goods.

Use of the cold store tilter eliminates the need to de-palletise a complete of goods in order to remove freezer space sheets.

The Cold Store Tilter starts at floor level to permit access with a hand pallet truck and then tilts 90-degrees so cold store sheets can be removed.