CX15 MAX AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

Pallets and Palletising Equipment

The CX15 MAX AGV can be equipped with a hydraulic lift table, a roller conveyor or chain conveyor depending on its purpose. The CX15 is great for transporting pallets and different types of material. 

MAX AGV have a first-to-market Windows based editor and warehouse management system (WMS), which allows greater flexiblity on the production floor and the ability to adapt quickly to change which comes down from supply chain and management. The MAX AGV WMS allows customers to perform and configure AGV system for future expansion/modifications ‘on the fly’ in real time application.

MAX AGV system offers the following:

  • On a modern client server Windows® environment, utilising Microsoft® products
  • Easy to configure, real-time application and provides opportunities for future expansion and modifications
  • Performs editing of the AGV track and functions
  • Has the embedded WMS, eliminating the need of cumbersome middleware
  • 3D visualisations on screen of the installed system
  • Changes made to the AGV system is replicated to all AGVs in one hit.