Quick Stak, Smart Stackers

By Sitecraft
  • Quick Stak, Smart Stackers


The ideal solution to many manual handling problems - especially when product is being loaded onto or unloaded from pallets.
With weight capacities from one tonne to 2.5 tonnes, and a unique modular construction, Quikstak 'Smart-Stackers' virtually eliminate bending and lifting, and bring about a significant improvement in overall productivity and efficiency. Infra-red height sensor automatically adjusts the fork height as you load or unload. A built-in fully adjustable height sensor constantly monitors the top layer of any product on the forks, and automatically raises or lowers the forks as needed, to maintain the pre-determined working height. The height sensor works equally well for cartons, paper, wood, sacks and bottles of any size, shape or weight Manual drive, electric lift
  • Ideal where loads have to be moved longer distances, on uneven floor surfaces or up ramps
  • Drive wheel is electronically controlled and can be programmed to suit any applications
  • Controls are accurate and precise - with infinitely variable speed in both directions, two or three speed limits, and a range of adjustable parameters
  • Convenient controls-raise, lower, drive and steer-are right at your fingertips