Palletisers & Depalletiser - Autefa Vacugrip

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

New Vacugrip technology for palletising and depalletising available through HBM Plastics & Packaging.

AUTEFA Automation of Augsburg Germany, a specialist in automated product handling and automated warehousing systemshave released a new Vacugrip technology, designed specifically for handling light weight containers

For palletising, the technology enables the creation and placing of layers of empty containers / bottles onto pallets. As containers come off the blow moulder, they are positioned in a layer forming station and the Vacugrip gently lifts the bottles including bottom layer pad from the forming station for placement onto the pallet. A top frame is placed on the top of the completed pallet top sheet and the pallets can then be either stretch wrapped and/or strapped before being transported.

The system is ideally suited for palletising output from multiple low speed blow-moulders onto separate pallet stations of different container types due to the unique patented design of the universal Vacugrip head technology.

This universal tool for palletising and depalletising layers has a layer capacity of up to 40kg and can handle bottle sizes from 200ml to 3.75L. It can palletise and/or depalletise several product lines with various products consecutively as there is no need for format parts and the system does not require change over time.

Conversly the Vacugrip system operates in a reverse sequence when used as a depalletiser where palletised containers are gently removed for feeding to a filler.

AUTEFA is represented in Oceania by HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies.