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By King Group
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The King Pallet Inverter uses no hydraulics. It is a clean and quiet rotator of pallets. This machine will not stain your floor, or cause downtime from ruptured pipes, which is why it is the preferred inverter for use in food, chemical, pharmaceutical establishments or indeed any warehouse that has pride in it's appearance.
So when you need to a) look at the underside of a batch of product to determine if the bottom layer has been soiled, punctured or contaminated, b) to switch hire pallets to in house pallets or, c) to rotate a load to ensure that settling is not occuring, then you need a King Pallet Inverter.
With 1500 Kgs of capacity and openings between 770mm and 2080mm, this inverter will cater for most loads.
Because the load is pushed by both moving platens to the centre of rotation, the rotating load is balanced, ensuring that your King Pallet Inverter lasts for a long time.
Only the best motors, gearboxes and electricals are used, with spare parts available internationally. Industrial strength push button controls are preferred over expensive to replace printed circuit push pads. A remote line of sight optional control is also available.
Sensors determine the required holding pressure, and ensures your loads are never crushed. A load is inverted in 20 seconds.