Safetech Hook Tine Pallet Dispenser

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Hook Tine Pallet Dispenser

Hook tine pallet dispenser incorporates four swing-in hook tines, mounted to a hopper that raises and lowers with the pallet stack.

This design allows flexibility for pallet entry and exit points. The hook tine dispenser can accept a pallet stack placed on the floor from one side and dispense individual pallets onto the floor from the other side or at right angles.

Pallets can be loaded or unloaded with forklifts or hand pallet trucks.

Specifications of Hook Tine Pallet Dispenser:

  • Pallet size: 1170 x 1170 x 150mm. (Can be modified to suit other pallets)
  • Pallet capacity: 15-25 pallets.
  • Height: 1500 to 3000mm
  • Width: 1300mm
  • Depth: 1500mm
  • Power: 415V 3 phase
  • Control: Push-button control panel.