Stretch Wrapping - Lo Wrapper

By Safetech Pty Ltd
  • Stretch Wrapping - Lo Wrapper


Lo Wrappers unique low 26mm turntable height provides hand pallet truck accessible pallet wrapping. It allows an operator to use either a hand pallet truck or a fork lift to place and remove pallets from the wrapper.

Lo-Wrapper is priced to suit workplaces with light to moderate stretch wrapping needs. Lo-Wrapper is efficient and highly effective at preventing back strain and injury, which are the most common of all workplace injuries (Worksafe Australia), because it is designed to eliminate the dangerous and time consuming practice of stretch wrapping by hand.

Lo Wrapper is available in Manual and Semi Automatic models.


Lo Wrapper manual uses a motorised rotating turntable with a mast film carriage that is operated manually. Safetech’s manual wrappers use a counter balanced carriage to assist the manual raising and lowering of the mast.


  • Film usage reduced by stretch force applied to the film
  • Ultra low height of 26 mm
  • Easy to install
  • Fold down mast for transport
  • 240 V


  • Soft start or variable speed.
  • Three phase motor and low-voltage controls
  • Kit to allow hand rolls to be used
  • Additional access ramps


Semi Automatic Lo-Wrapper uses a powered mast and all manual work is eliminated. The operator simply attaches the film and starts the wrap cycle with the push of a button. Variable wrap patterns can be selected.


  • Ultra low height of 26 mm
  • Reduction in film usage
  • Easy to install
  • Turntable return to start.
  • Software storage for up to 5 user set wrapping patterns.
  • Half, full and top sheet cycles
  • Improved mechanical stretch provides constant tension independent of Roll Diameter.
  • Fold down mast for transport.
  • Quick release lever to disengage tensioner.


  • Photo Eye available for pallet height detection.
  • Soft start or variable speed.
  • Three phase motor and low-voltage controls.
  • Additional ramps (one is supplied standard).
  • Relocation frame for easy relocation of the Lo-wrapper.
  • 3200 mm extended mast.

Best Buying
Stretch wrapper purchase involves understanding exactly what your requirements are with respect to the number of pallets wrapped per day, the rate of wrapping required, the nature of the goods to be wrapped, the film used, the way the product will be loaded into the wrapper and the conditions under which the wrapper must operate.

The wrapper selected  varies according to these requirements as will the cost savings and wrap quality.

Lo Wrapper manual is designed and manufactured in Australia and extensive support and service facilities are available to ensure a long life and trouble-free performance