Safetech Stretch Tape Wrapper

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Safetech Stretch Tape Wrapper

Revolutionary new Semi Automatic stretch tape pallet wrapping system providing 100% load stabilisation & 95% waste reduction with 3M stretchable tape.

3M stretch tape provides equivalent or better load stability when compared with stretch film or netting. Using the Stretch Tape Wrapper to apply 3M stretchable tape is easy for any pallet configuration.

Stretch Tape Wrapper provides:

  • Efficient tape usage
  • A stable pallet load that can be transported and stored with confidence.
  • Suitable for export
  • Semi-automatic mast, wraps up to 2700mm high pallets & is fitted with photo-eye height sensing
  • Touch pad controls enable operators to easily select the optimum pattern for each pallet load. Options include the ability to programme banding suitable for in-house storage or full multi-x patterns that provide maximum load stability
  • High Volume stretch tape wrapping with 38mm wide tape
  • The unique properties of the patented 3M tape allow 95% or more waste reduction by volume versus stretch film or netting. Plus the 3M Stretch Tape is recyclable.
  • The best way to reduce waste is to eliminate it at source and this is exactly what the use of 3M stretchable tape achieves. Only a handful of tape is needed to achieve load stability
  • Dramatically reduced waste, slashes your handling and disposal costs.
  • Flow through ventilation protects perishable products
  • Total air flow prolongs the shelf life of fruit and vegetable products
  • Avoids damage to packaging caused by "sweating" inside plastic film wrap
  • Saves days of production time for products that require cooling eg. dairy foods and sauces
  • Eliminates double handling as hot & cold product can be wrapped at the point of palletising
  • Removal of tape is simple and waste is negligible
  • Capacity: 2000kg
  • Maximum wrapping height: 2500mm
  • Shipping weight: 500kg approx
  • Power supply: 240 V, 50hz, single phase power