Horizontal Stretch Wrappers

By Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Horizontal Stretch Wrappers

Our LineaWrap horizontal stretch wrappers offer fast and secure wrapping of long products, whatever the shape, even if not well defined.

They provide a good return on investment, have a low consumption of energy, increase productivity & reduce wrapping costs.

The result is good presentation and protection of the product from contamination & collateral damage. All machines have PLC electronic controls, inverters for regulating both the ring speed & the speed of the powered conveyors.

We can also add “total wrap” modules to our automatic machines that applies, normal or bubble wrap film to the leading & trailing ends of the wrapped product prior to the horizontal wrapping process, guaranteeing total sealing & protection.

Codes P30M, P40S, P80S, P120S & P150S

These semi-automatic models are manually operated & have in/out feed rollers that the products can be conveyed on. The wrap of the film around the product is controlled through a speed control inverter by foot pedal for the required time.

At the end of the cycle, the film is automatically cut & sealed & the package perfectly wrapped. Our mini P30M wrapper is available with an optional mobile trolley fitted with braked castors.

Codes P40A, P80A, P120A, P150A & P200A

The automatic models, are similar to the 'S' suffix machines, but are used for faster production. The rollers are substituted for powered in/out feed belt conveyors.

The conveyors & the rotating ring are speed controlled by an inverter. The start and finish cycles are controlled by photocell. They have self- adjusting top pressure rollers, which assist especially when wrapping light items & automatic film cutting & sealing.