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Automaster Seetal Eurocabin Combination Spray Booth and Low Bake Oven

By Masterfield Industrial Equipment
  • Automaster Seetal Eurocabin
  • Automaster Seetal Eurocabin 2

The AUTOMASTER Seetal Eurocabin is a Fully Down Draught Pressurised Car and Industrial Spray Booth Low Bake Over with single front door entry.

Designed to be constructed on a level concrete floor. A drive-up ramp of 2400mm in width id included. The height of the booth floor if 300mm above the concrete floor (or floor level for in ground applications).

Complete Spray Booth body including front concertina door and doorframe, escape and service doors, plenum champer, inlet filter arrangement and filters.

Spray Booth to be constructed out of 50mm Polystyrene Sandwich Board.

Front door construction is of concertina type, self-supporting manufactured out of 0.9mm galvanised steel, hinged on full-length piano hinges. Each wing will have centre-locking device to activate top and bottom pins, built into door shell. Upper door track and weight arranged with C-section and ball bearing runners. 6mm laminated glass window in each of the four door wings will be provided, one door wing will have built in service door (Escape door).

Direct Fired Gas Heating System temperature controlled fresh air during the Spray and Bake cycle.

During normal operation of the Booth the solvent concentrations are always below the minimum safe levels required by AS 1375 for the following reasons.

  1. The Spray Booth convection is a straight through system with 100% fresh air supply and 100% discharge at Spray and Bake. The fresh air supply is ducted from the outside of the building. Discharged air is also ducted to the outside of the building and arranged so that no discharged air can enter into the fresh air supply. No solvent laden air is able to cross the burner. Airflow through system is checked and proven by airflow switched, across the main fan. And position proven of the Spray and Bake damper.

    a) The burner is only called to fire after position proving of airflow in the Booth and after the Booth has purged Five (5) times.

    b) Typical airflow measured on Spray 9000 L.p.s per Machine.
    Typical airflow measured on Bake 2100 L.p.s per Machine.
  2. The Bake Cycle (Once through system):

    When the Bake cycle is called, the Booth will be purged to a minimum of Five (5) times within 60 seconds before call for heat. A baffle arragement will then slow down air movement to approximately 2100 L.p.s per machine to allow the air to hear up, to a maximum of 80°C.

    Temperaterature Limit Device

    An air temperature limit device (Safety Thermostat) is fitted, in accordance with AG501 clause, to shut off the gas supply before the temperature of the air at the heater outlet reaches 80°C.
  3. During the Bake Cycle:

    The control of air movement into the Booth is constantly maintained by an airflow which is position proved during the initial purge at the start of the Spray cycle. The ahir supply to the Spray Gun is interlocked and cannot be switched on during Bake cycle.

    NC Solenoid to be used (fail safe) to shut off Spray Gun air supply.

The Seetal Eurocabin Spray Booth is fitted with a Seetal D.F. 850 MJ air burner uses the Direct Fired principle.

The system is of the total loss type, no re-circulation of any kind is employed.

Maximum heat requirements during Spray cycle is 500 MJ/hr to heat 540m³ per minute per machine of air from 5°C to 25°C.

This of course means that in the summer season no burner operation is required most of the time.

The Seetal Eurocabin is designed to be constructed on a level concrete floor.

The Booth is worked with One (1) only Euro Machine, which can be arranged at eiher side of the Booth, (or alternative roof mounted space saver type).

In the "spray" position, the fresh air is brought in from outside through a duct system into the heating chamber for warming up (if necessary) to approx 22°C. It will then be delivered via a centrifugal fan, to a plenum chamber over the top of the Booth section. From there, the supply air is passed down through a set of filters in the deiling to the working area. (Down Draught System).

The air passws the operator vertically and leaves the Spray Booth through fulter system under the vechicle being spray-painted. This removed paint over spray from the outgoing air.

Water wash floor and centre located dry exsaut filter beneath the floor grids is available as an option.

The "non-sparking" exhaust fan pushes the cleaned air through the duct system out into the open.

After the completion of the spray painting job, the operator sets the baking temperature and time then presses the "bake" button.

The control system of the Spray Booth will now automatically change the air flow to bake mode, and the direct fired heat unit will take air up to the required temperature (80° max).

After the present time for baking has elapsed, automaticcaly the air flow is once again switched the same way as in "Spray" position, and with the heater switched off, the whole plant is cooled down to ambiant temperature.

For re-spray jobs the whoe cycle requires approximately 80 - 100 minutes. Five to seven vehicles can therefore be processed during a normal working day.