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Automaster Seetal V90 Combination Spray Booth and Low Bake Oven

By Masterfield Industrial Equipment
  • Automaster Seetal V90
  • Automaster Seetal V90 2

The AUTOMASTER SEETAL V90 is a Semi Down Draught pressurised car spray booth oven with:

a) Heated Temperature controlled fresh air during the spray painting cycle, and
b) Directed fired heated air during the bake cycle.

The standard model is provided with concertina vehicle access doors, incorporating a personal access door built into one wing of concertina door arrangement and two laminated viewing windows. Extra escape door with viewing window is provided and fitted at suitable location.

The AUTOMASTER V90 is designed to be constructed on a level concrete floor. The fans and direct fired heat machinery is arranged at the rear of the booth.

Assembly of a factory tested unit for easy assembly or relocation if necessary.

Seetal V90 Spray Booth Oven is manufactured to comply with all relevant regulations, local and national.

Electrical AS/NZS 3000 & AS 2825
Gas Code AG 501-601
AS / NZS 4114.

In the “spray” position, the fresh air is brought in from outside through a duct system into the heating chamber for warming up (if necessary) to approx 25ºC or more. It will then be delivered via a centrifugal fan, to a plenum chamber over the top of the booth section. From there, the supplied air is passed first in down draught manner through filters in the ceiling to the working area. From there onwards air is moved horizontally towards an exhaust filter arrangement in the back wall of the booth.

The “non-sparking” tube axial fan pushes the filtered air through the duct system to external atmosphere.

The Booth airflow and heating in spray or bake mode is a patented once though system and suitable for all types of Automotive Painting including Water Based Undercoats and Paints. After the completion of the spray painting job, the operator sets the baking temperature and time then presses the “bake” button.

The control system of the spray booth will now automatically change the air flow to bake mode, and the direct fired heat unit will take air up to the required temperature (max 80°C) within approx 1 ½ min.

After the preset time for baking has been completed, the heater is automatically switched off, allowing the whole plant to cool down to a preset cooling temperature.