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Masterflo - Enclosed Booths

By Masterfield Industrial Equipment
  • Masterflo - Enclosed Booths
  • Masterflo - Enclosed Booths 2

Modular Construction
All Spray Booths are of bolt together modular construction giving you full versatility of location, alteration and re-location.

Range of Configurations
Both Niagara and MASTERFLO Spray Booths are available in all configurations including Crossflow, Semi-Down Draft and Full Down Draft with Positive Pressure.

Long Lasting Doors
Doors are built with an RHS Steel Frame for strength with a double skin, swung on heavy duty pintype hinges and use heavy duty latches.

Choice of Arrangement
Niagara and MASTERFLO Spray Booth doors are available as personal access (single) doors in left or right hand opening, solid double doors and double filter doors all in a range of standard sizes.

Better Door Sealing
Doors are fully sealed against a rubber pinch mould with a door brush fitted along the bottom edge. All rubber seals are compatible with the working environment which means they will not go hard and brittle, or crack due to solvent fumes.

Stronger Glass Windows
Glass used in the viewing windows of doors and light covers is toughened, providing additional security against breakage.