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Mastreflex - Retractable Workarea Systems

By Masterfield Industrial Equipment
  • Mastreflex - Retractable Workarea Systems
  • Mastreflex - Retractable Workarea Systems (Folded)

The MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Workarea System is the ideal solution to painting heavy, hard-to-manage work pieces. The whole workarea can be simply folded away and pulled around the item, once it has been craned into position.

The clear cover-sheeting allows for excellent visbility, and due to its modular design can be made to accommodate almost any location or work processes.

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The MASTRE-FLEX Retractable Workarea System can be coupled with any Extraction System, either the MASTERFLO Dry Filter or the Niagara Water Wash System.

Spray Painting Workarea When You Need It
The Retractable Design of the MASTRE-FLEX System allows you to crane heavy 'immovable items' items into place and then by extending the Workarea around it, it is now inside a Spray Booth. You can now spray paint without having to send everyone home.

MASTRE-FLEX is a Modular System which means it can be added to, or subtracted from, at anytime. It also means any repairs or maintenance required is confined to one section of the workarea and does not need a total replacement.

Space Saving Design
The MASTRE-FLEX Workarea consists of a uniquely designed folding-frame mechanism that can be 'concertina-ed' away to leave your valuable floor space available for other activities.

Strong & Sturdy Construction
The MASTRE-FLEX Folding-Frame Mechanism is constructed from 50 x 25 RHS with a durable powdercoat finish which makes for a long-lasting product that endures the tests of constant use. The cover-sheetiing is a clear flame-retardant PVC which allowd for excellent visibilty and long-life operation.