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Masterflo - Dry Filter Wall Spray Booths

By Masterfield Industrial Equipment
  • Masterflo - Dry Filter Wall Spray Booths

With a MASTERFLO Spray Booth you can now operate your spray painting process in a controlled environment without pumping fumes and overspray all over your workshop. The airflow through the work area has been specifically designed to contain and exhaust all solvent fumes, whilst capturing the overspray in a simple yet effective low-maintenance filter system. Constructed from durable materials they are designed to remain modular and relocatable. Our staff are keen to discuss your requirements anytime – Call 1300 76 3321 today!

Quiet Operation
All fans, both inlet and exhaust, above 610 diameter, operate at 960rpm giving a quieter operation and more comfortable working environment.

Unrestricted Airflow Through Filter
The MASTERFLO design incorporates the unique pleasted card filter wall which captures airborne particles using the inertia seperation principle. Overspray is retained outside the airstream in holding pockets giving it 3 to 5 times the life of fibre-glass filters. This ensures an even airflow is maintained across the filter wall throughout the life of the filter.

Reduced Maintenance
The MASTERFLO filter system is made of two pelasted cardboard walls glued together by their edges. This enables the filter to fold together down to 1/10 of its size making disposal and easy.

Holds Captured Overspray
Using the unique Inertia Seperation Principle the majority of airbourne particles are retained outside the airstream in holding pockets between the card walls inside the filter itself. This keeps the airflow through the filter clean as well as capturing the overspray particles for easy disposal.

Filters Any Airbourne Particle
The MASTERFLO Dry Filter Booth can be fitted with 1000mm high corrugated cardboard filters which gives a greater target area for the overspray than is standard, and improves airflow.

Longer Working Life
The MASTERFLO Dry Filter Spray Booth is made entirely from galvanised sheetmetal which inhibits the spread of corrosion and makes for a sturdy construction. This ensures downtime due to maintenance is greatly reduced.

Ease of Installation
The booth, subject to the client's individual requirements, can be supplied in panel form for easy assembly, requiring only the fitting of the fan and flue, and the connection to an Air and Power supply.

Instruction & Maintenance Manual
Every MASTERFLOR Spray Booth is supplied with a comprehensive instruction and maintenance manual including a service guide with all replacement parts.