Labelling and Decoration:Pressure Sensitive Labellers - Orientation

By Tronics Pty Ltd

Australian made systems to effectively handle a wide range of containers, materials and label shapes under a variety of conditions and at production line speeds. Machinery for automatic application of pressure sensitive labels to your packaged products.

Primary Labellers

Automatic machinery for applying pressure sensitive, sticky, labels to individual containers, products, and items. Tronics equipment is designed and made in Australia for in-line operation in a continuous production environment. Tronics modular design caters for a vast cross section of product shapes, production speeds and environmental conditions.


This machine has been fitted with modules that have been designed to apply labels to round products that require the label to be placed in a specific location.

These systems use a unique capture system, sensors and the Tronics on board computer system to locate a feature on your product, issue a label and accurately place your label on a predetermined location every time.

Once set up all your operator needs to do is recall the set up from the labeler memory and you're producing!

Typical applications for this type of configuration are paint cans - prevent label placement over weld seam; poison bottles - prevent label placement over poison mark on bottle.