Loading module with vertical & horizontal packaging abilities

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

In response to an increased demand by retailers for retail-ready packaging, Pearson Packaging Systems of Washington, USA, have launched the HV Module (horizontal vertical) , designed to offer flexible pack patterns and product configurations.


Pearson's HV Module has been specifically designed to allow for easy adjustments; from traditional horizontal pack patterns to vertical, stand-up patterns often associated with shelf-ready packaging. High-speed loading capability of up to 180 products vertically and 300 products horizontally are a feature as well as tool-free changeovers and easy access to load cells for size adjustments in order to maximize uptime and line output.


The HV module also features several unique features. While the industry standard of simply pushing prearranged products into the shipping container can cause unstable product stacks such as pouches to shift, Pearson’s load cell system uses a three-step move/hold/release motion that consistently maintains pack patterns during the product transfer.


The ability to choose from multiple loading technologies such as gantry, articulated arm and delta robots accommodates a wide variety of products including oddly-shaped or light weight packs. Additionally, multiple product and case flow configurations including in-line, 90-degree and in-line cross flow flexibly accommodate nearly any production line layout requirement.


Pearson Packaging is represented in Oceania by HBM Packaging Technologies.