Ecosystem Quick 54 thermal film laminating machine

By Jet Technologies

The Quick 54 thermal film laminating machine is a cost effective premium commercial print and lamination solution for small format print projects.

The Quick 54 is easy to use with high level production quality, thanks to the chromed application calendar. The machine uses forced liquid circulation heating, to deliver a constant and precise application temperature together with the mechanics to ensure an even application pressure.

Adapted for industrial use, some of the main components of the Quick 54 include high performance automatic feeder, sheet missing photocell stop, and efficient and adjustable separation rollers.

The machine allows for expanding the film reel support shaft for easy reel changes, with the tension and the blockage of the film reel to the shaft being done pneumatically. A practical knob also simplifies the movement and centering of the film.

High quality components are used, with Italian pneumatics and German electronics by Lenze GmbH.


Can be used as a single web or in laminate structures.


The machine is delivered in operable condition in accordance with current CE safety rules and regulations.

Electrical power 400 volts, three-phase + PE, 50 Cy. Power requirement: 7 KW. The transformer is not included in our supply.

The machine requires compressed air ranging on 300 nl/min., min. pressure 6 bar. The air compressor is not included in our supply.


  • Automatic feeder integrated into the machine frame. The loading of the paper is manual. The descent of the feeder pile table is automatic until 150cm from the floor.
  • PIAB ejector for feeder head.
  • Electronic positioning to register of the sheet and electronic setting of the overlap.
  • Film unwinder with film trimming directly on the film reel.
  • Laminating unit with chromed calendar heated by forced circulation of diathermic oil and      rubber pressure roller.
  • Oil heater integrated into the machine frame.
  • Separator for sheets laminated with OPP, withdecurling of the laminated band, perforating device and rubber separating rollers.
  • Manual delivery table.
  • Touch screen control panel.
  • Teleassistance via modem (ADSL line and Ethernet at your charge)