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Thu Jan 24 2019

Thermoformed Transparent Boxes

By STOCKCAP / Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

Adding to its ever growing protective packaging portfolio, STOCKCAP now offers custom-made thermoformed transparent boxes and clamshells.

With today's marketers needing more of their product on display, STOCKCAP clear thermoformed clamshells and transparent boxes can create a visual advantage over traditional cardboard and paper packaging.

STOCKCAP thermoformed clamshells & transparent boxes add shape & flair to product presentation. They can supply basic square and rectangular shapes as well as complex customised designs and all at an economical price. Competitive tooling costs and design flexibility create a compelling reason to explore STOCKCAP clamshell packaging options.

STOCKCAP thermoformed clamshells provide a clear display of your product allowing you to highlight its most precise details & advantages while protecting the product from dust, moisture & damage.

STOCKCAP clamshells and transparent boxes can be manufactured in a number of materials including PVC, PET and PETG in material thicknesses ranging from 0.007" inches to 0.047".