Stock Clamshell


Adding to its ever growing protective packaging portfolio, STOCKCAP has introduced 11 new sizes of stock clamshells.

Manufactured from RPVC material and in-stock for immediate delivery the STOCKCAP clamshell range is available in sizes with usable cavity dimensions starting at 30 x 40 x 19mm up to 167 x 86 x 25mm. All sizes are sold in convenient box quantities depending on the clamshell size starting at 550 pieces per box for the smallest clamshell through to 120 pieces per box for the largest size.

With today’s marketers needing more of their product on display, STOCKCAP clamshells create a visual advantage over traditional cardboard and paper packaging by providing a clear display of your product which allows you to highlight its most precise details & advantages while protecting the product from dust, moisture & damage.

And being available off-the-shelf, stock clamshells allow you to avoid lead-times, tooling expenses and project delays while lowering your inventory costs.

STOCKCAP clamshells are the perfect answer when your packaging project requires protection, visual presence and quick delivery to market with minimal upfront costs.

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