Industrial Marking Pens- Texpen

By Australian Warehouse Solutions

Australian Warehouse Solutions - A marking solution for every industry.

This unique patented rolling maker rights on every surfaces even through grease and oils. It's stainless steel, rolling-ball tip is designed to last. Our numerous selections of paints use the latest advances in chemistry to withstand heat, harsh weather and nearly every imaginable condition.

A full product catalogue is available for other more specialty pens such as laundry or high temperature marking.

Now you can mark almost anything, permanently with TexPen.

Faded, unreadable marks could be costing you money!

Texpen marks on greasy, oily and wet surfaced too! Make your mark clearly and permanently on metals, plastics, glass, rusty, greasy, oily and wet surfaces. Plus, the marks withstand exposure to extremes of Australian weather.

Benefits of Industrial Marking Pens - Texpen:

  • Quick drying paint
  • Long lasting
  • Withstands extreme heat
  • Unique, strong steel ball-point

Six strong ink colours - Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green and White