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Mon May 20 2019

The AngleFlex Patch Panel Series

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

The AngleFlex Patch Panel Series is a new line of patch panels that
provides better manageability and improved installation flexibility for
Data Center and Telecommunications Room installations. AngleFlex Patch
Panels are available in 24-port/1U and 48-port/2U configurations. These
panels can be configured using
any KeyConnectTM UTP or Multimedia

Each reversible angled insert of the AngleFlex Patch
Panel can be situated for intuitive patch cord routing to the left,
right or a combination of both. This facilitates bundling and eliminates
the need for horizontal cable managers that require additional rack
space. Because AngleFlex allows all patch cords to be routed to one side
– either left or right – a vertical cable manager can also be
eliminated for a 27% space savings per rack. Or, the user could
incorporate additional racks per row in a Data Center application. With
most of today’s installed switches requiring all connections to be made
from one side, the ability to route all patch cords in one direction
provides more efficient patch panel-to-switch interconnection, reducing
patch cord lengths and eliminating complicated routing.

each of the angled inserts is removable, jack termination can be
accomplished faster, at the front of the rack. Front access is also
ideal for wall-mount applications or when space is limited at the rear
of the rack. With jacks oriented sideways, patch cord routing with
AngleFlex is not only easier, but also ensures optimum performance
because the pins of the jack and plug are aligned properly against each
other for better contact.

Key Applications

  • Horizontal distribution or equipment terminations in Data Centers or
    Telecommunications Rooms
  • Interconnect terminations in Consolidation Points

Key Benefits

  • Patent-pending angles provide intuitive left, right or
    bi-directional patch cord routing and more efficient switch connection
  • Removable angled inserts provide front access for easier termination
    and maintenance
  • Provides a shallower, low-profile design for more room inside
  • Angled inserts eliminate the need for horizontal cable management
  • Jack orientation provides more reliable connection performance
  • Angled design provides more labeling space for overall easier
  • LabelFlex laser printable white label sheet supplied with each panel
  • Rear cable management brackets facilitate cable routing
  • Compatible with standard 19 in. equipment racks, cabinets or
    wall-mount brackets
  • Compatible with KeyConnect Modular Jacks

Installation Tips

  • Plan the rack/cabinet layout prior to patch panel installation
  • Include Cable Management products in installation for optimum cable
    and patch cord routing
  • Use the LabelFlex software to print quality identification labels
  • Use the Connecting Tool (AX100749) to terminate KeyConnect Modular
    Jacks in the Termination Station (AX101852)