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Structured Cabling Solutions

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

Copper Systems
What constitutes a system?

  • Cables to physically link the computer and networking devices to each other.
  • Connectors to terminate the cables and allow easy plug-in/plug-out attachment.
  • Cross-Connect or patch panel fields to allow easy re-deployment of the cables when moves, adds and changes in the network are required.

Why Belden?
Belden Goes Beyond the Standard!

Each of the copper cabling components depicted following is vital to the overall performance of the network, but to achieve optimum network performance you should consider Belden IBDN end-to-end structured cabling systems. Belden IBDN copper
structured cabling systems are recognized the world over for their high quality since they are the result of both Belden’s exceptional design and manufacturing expertise and the system’s ability to outperform the standards.

What are the credentials of a quality system supplier?

  • Credibility /Industry Standing
  • System Offerings
  • Customer Care
  • Business Partners
  • System Certification & Warranty Program

Dimensions that define system excellence:

  • Quality Components
  • Quality Design
  • Quality Installation & Service

Belden Systems vs Standards Category Performance
The Belden systems offering are wide, and covers all the current required categories. The Belden approach is to exceed standards.

If Leading-edge Communication Systems are an Element of Your Strategy – Install Belden!

Performance Enabling Technologies
To deliver market leading performance, Belden systems utilise Performance-Enabling Technologies. For Example:

The Matrix IDC™ (10 GX system) Module

This is designed to substantially eliminate the issue of Alien
Crosstalk between the systems modules.

X-Bar™ Technology

The X-Bar is a control device that enables the
accurate positioning of each UTP pair before the
pair is terminated on the 10GX module’s IDC pins.

Belden® 10GX System