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RS20 Compact Switches (Managed DIN Rail Mount Switches)

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

All copper ports are 10/100 Mbps, uplink ports are 100 Mbps

Standard features include:

  • Available in 4 /8/9/16/17/24 and 25x100 Mbps ports
  • Fully managed (web, SNMP and CLI) – VLAN, IGMP snooping (multicast filtering), port mirroring, port control, port security, link alarms, broadcast limiter, traffic diagnostics, ring redundancy and much more
  • Fiber ports are available in multimode and/or singlemode
  • Dual power inputs and fault relay
  • USB port for configuration backup/restore and fast device replacement
  • Std. 0°C up to +60°C (-40°C up to +70°C and conformal coating avail.)
  • Differentiator between similar switches listed is the firmware level /features. See www.beldensolutions.com/configurator

All Copper
• RS20-0400T1T1SDAE 4x RJ45
• RS20-0400T1T1SDAP 4x RJ45
• RS20-0800T1T1SDAE 8x RJ45
• RS20-0800T1T1SDAP 8x RJ45
• RS20-1600T1T1SDAE 16x RJ45
• RS20-1600T1T1SDAP 16x RJ45
• RS20-2400T1T1SDAE 24x RJ45
• RS20-2400T1T1SDAP 24x RJ45

• RS20-0400M2T1SDAE 3x RJ45, 1x SC
• RS20-0400M2T1SDAP 3x RJ45, 1x SC
• RS20-0400M2M2SDAE 2x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-0400M2M2SDAP 2x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-0800M2M2SDAE 6x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-0800M2M2SDAP 6x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-0800M4M4SDAE 6x RJ45, 2x ST
• RS20-0800M4M4SDAP 6x RJ45, 2x ST
• RS20-1600M2T1SDAE 15x RJ45, 1x SC
• RS20-1600M2T1SDAP 15x RJ45, 1x SC
• RS20-1600M2M2SDAE 14x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-1600M2M2SDAP 14x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-2400M2M2SDAE 22x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-2400M2M2SDAP 22x RJ45, 2x SC

• RS20-0400S2T1SDAE 3x RJ45, 1x SC
• RS20-0400S2T1SDAP 3x RJ45, 1x SC
• RS20-0400S2S2SDAE 2x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-0400S2S2SDAP 2x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-0800S2S2SDAE 6x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-0800S2S2SDAP 6x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-1600S2S2SDAE 14x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-1600S2S2SDAP 14x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-2400S2S2SDAE 22x RJ45, 2x SC
• RS20-2400S2S2SDAP 22x RJ45, 2x SC