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Mon Apr 22 2019

Rodent Protection (Optic Fiber)

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

The Belden fiber optic cable line offers two different kind of rodent protection:

  • Standard Rodent Protection Optical fiber cables with glass reinforced yarns for strength also provide normal protection against rodents.
  • Improved Rodent Protection Belden offers cables with improved rodent protection. These have extra glass reinforced yarns or an extra layer of nylon (polyamide). The idea behind this is that rodents will look for the easiest route. Rodents will bite anything in order to keep their teeth in proper shape but will only continue if they feel comfortable. With the nylon layer or “glass” yarns they will normally stop and move elsewhere.

It is important to note that non-armored cable never guarantees a 100% protection against rodents. Armored cables (CST, SWA, FRP) are heavy rodent protected.