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Tue Jun 18 2019

Optical Fiber Cables

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

Advanced Networks Need Advanced Technology
Today’s advanced networks are diverse and very varied and almost always complex. The right way ahead is to future-proof these networks and take precautions to protect them against anything that will create problems, damage or disrupt. That means matching the right hardware with the right cabling to guarantee performance – and that means choosing fiber optic cable. This type of cable has become essential for bringing light-speed communication to hospitals, corporate campuses, educational facilities and other projects.

Key Applications

  • Closed circuit television
  • Network circuitry
  • Factory automation
  • Major commercial networks
  • Video conferencing
  • Medical imaging

Key Products (Please see respective page for more product information)

  • Interconnect Cables
  • Breakout Cables(B0)
  • Mini-Breakout Cables
  • Mobile and Tactical Fiber Cables
  • Central Loose Tube Cables (CLT)
  • Multi Loose Tube Cables (MLT)