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Multi Loose Tube Cables (MLT)

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

Multi loose tube cables, with no aquagel between the tubes (dry core) or with jelly-filled
cable core, are designed for direct burial, duct, outside tray and aerial applications. For better performance, Belden only uses (non dripping and silicone-free) jelly-filled loose tubes. Tubes and (when necessary) blind elements are S-Z stranded around the central element. The multi loose tube series has a High-Density-Polyethylene (HDPE) or halogen-free jacket. These cables have been updated with waterblocking aramid or glass yarn. Standard and improved rodent protection designs are available with high fiber counts up to 216 fibers.

  • The multi loose tube cables are also available with Corrugated Steel Tape armor (CST) for total protection.
  • Longitudinal water tightness: to guarantee longitudinal water tightness acc. to IEC 60793-1-2-F5, Belden uses swellable yarns and/or tapes or filling compound.


  • All loose tube cables with additional PA (nylon) jacket for termite / rodent protection, improved chemical resistance and reduced friction.
  • Replace PE jacket by Orgalloy or TPU to improve chemical resistance.

All cable constructions are in accordance with IEC 60793, and have been tested according to IEC 60794.