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Wed Jun 26 2019

Modular Switches (MICE series) Managed DIN Rail Mount Switches

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

A modular and flexible platform that facilitates an almost limitless variety of port variations while allowing users to change the switch’s port density and configuration on the fly using hot-plug Media Modules (see page 38). Only available as a managed switch.

• MS20-08 8x10/100 ports max
• MS20-16 16x10/100 ports (24x10/100 max with backplane extension)
• MS30-08 2x Gigabit and 8x10/100 ports max
• MS30-16 2x Gigabit and 16x10/100 ports (24x10/100 max with backplane extension)
• MS4218 (PowerMICE) 4x Gigabit and 16x10/100 ports (24x10/100 max with backplane
extension), Layer 3 /routing switch version available

Part Number Configurator
Due to the vast number of switch variations (port density, port type, approvals, power input, etc.), Hirschmann™ has developed a part number matrix that permits users to customize their own switch. Simply decide on Compact or Modular, number of ports, the type of uplink ports (these can be used as standard ports), and select the temperature, power and approvals. The configurator can be found at: