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Wed Jun 26 2019

LioN-Link Series (Fieldbus-Systems Local)

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

LioN-Link is of interest in cases where the machines or plants have distributed I/O
concentrations in limited space conditions. LioN-Link consists of bus couplers and I /O
modules. The bus couplers are used for linking the I /O modules to the Fieldbuses. Starting from the bus coupler, the I /O modules divide up decentrally in the field via two strands. In total up to 15 users can be connected to each strand. The overall extension of a strand can extend to 100 m.

Key features include:

  • Bus-independent I/O modules ensure a high degree of flexibility and reduce storage requirements
  • Space-saving, light-weight modules ensure a wide area of applications
  • Simplified planning due to universal I /O modules
  • Economical solution – up to 480 I/Os at a single bus coupler
  • Quick availability with the use of standardized wiring components
  • Easy and safe installation thanks to color-coded sockets
  • High degree of reliability as there are no line terminators
  • Easy start-up and extension of the plant, because the modules will be operating without manual addressing

Technical data:

  • Ambient temperature from -10°C/+60°C
  • Materials (depending on type of module)
    – Housing: PBT
    – Inserts: PA
    – Contacts: CuZn, pre-nickeled sub-surface and 0.8 micron gold plated
  • Mechanical data
    – Protection class: IP67
  • Electrical data
    – Nominal current at 40°C: 0.5 A to 2 A per channel and up to 9 A per module
    – Nominal voltage: 19-30 VDC
  • Slot types:
    – M8
    – M12
    – Multi-pole interface
  • Module variants
    – 8 and 16-way digital universal module with inputs and outputs
    – 8 and 16-way digital input module
    – 4-way analog input module 0-10 V
    – 4-way analog input module 0-20 mA
    – 4-way IO-Link-Master
    – 8-way-Input/4-way Output Motion Module