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LioN Series (Fieldbus-Systems Local)

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

In order to ensure high availability of machines and plants, the I /O modules installed in harsh industrial environments must be able to meet the highest electro-mechanical demands. Due to the material of the housing and the casting techniques, the LioN modules provides absolute protection for the electronics. The LioN Classic modules are available with M23 connection technology for hybrid cables (power supply and bus line in a single cable) or with M12 plug connectors for a separate voltage supply.

Because of their compact construction, the LioN-S modules with M8 connections are optimally suitable for plants where space is limited. In addition to the small dimensions, the modules of this series can be fixed at the front, at the side and directly on profile rails.

The different configurations can be realized using a universal module for both the LioN-S and the LioN-M. In these convenient I/O modules, each signal pin can be used either as an input or as an output. This means a very high degree of flexibility in planning for alterations during start-up and for later retrofit. Furthermore, these I /O modules simplify the carrying of spares, which is a time and money saver in the long run.

Key features include:
LioN Classic:

  • High degree of reliability in rough environmental conditions – in use for more than 10 years

LioN-M and -S:

  • Simple planning and more economical spare parts storage due to universal I /O functionality
  • Small connection space thanks to variable installation possibilities
  • Low weight – ideally suited for installation and handling applications
  • Fast start-up due to comprehensive diagnostics

Technical data:

  • Ambient temperature from -10°C/+60°C
  • Materials (depending on type of module)
    – Housing: PBT or PUR
    – Inserts: PA
    – Contacts: CuZn, pre-nickeled and 0.8 microns gold plated
  • Mechanical data – Protection class: IP67
  • Electrical data
    – Nominal current at 40°C: 0.5 A to 2 A per channel and up to 15 A per module
    – Nominal voltage: 19-30 VDC
  • Module variants
    – 8 and 16-way digital universal module with inputs and outputs
    – 8 and 16-way digital input modules