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KeyConnect Patch Panel Series

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

The KeyConnect Patch Panel Series is a comprehensive line of robust all-metal, preloaded and modular patch panels.

The series provides a flexible, versatile and high density termination solution for Data Center and Telecommunications Room installations.

The preloaded KeyConnect Patch Panels are available in 24-port /1U and 48-port/2U configurations with 10GX® and CAT6+ KeyConnect Modular Jacks.

The modular KeyConnect Patch Panels are available in 24-port /1U, 48-port/2U, 72-port/2U and 48-port/1U configurations. These panels can be configured using any KeyConnect UTP or Multimedia Modules.

Key Applications

  • Horizontal distribution or equipment terminations in Data Centers or Telecommunications Rooms
  • Interconnect terminations in Consolidation Points Installation Tips
  • Plan the rack/cabinet layout prior to patch panel installation
  • Include Cable Management products (see www.belden.com for more information) in installation for optimum cable and patch cord routing
  • Use the LabelFlex software (see www.belden.com for more information) to print quality identification labels
  • Use the Connecting Tool (AX100749) to terminate KeyConnect Modular Jacks directly in the patch panel or in the Termination Station (AX101852)
  • Use the Release Tool (AX101185) to remove KeyConnect Modular Jacks from a patch panel
  • Use the Patch Cord tool (AX102775) to insert or remove patch cords in high-density patch panels

Key Benefits

  • Available in a wide variety of preloaded and modular configurations for greater design flexibility and optimization of rack and cabinet installations
  • Robust all-metal construction to allow for punch down termination directly on the back of the panel
  • Large front labeling space facilitating port identification
  • LabelFlex laser printable white label sheet supplied with each panel
  • Front and back port numbering to facilitate port location
  • Rear cable management brackets to facilitate cable routing
  • Compatible with standard 19" equipment racks, cabinets or wall mount brackets
  • Compatible with KeyConnect Modular Jacks