GDM Series (Connect and Cable Products)

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

Rectangular connectors of the GDM series for hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-magnetic actuators as well as sensors fulfill the demands of hard practical daily work in every form (Types A/B/C).

Key features include:

  • Available as 3 and 4-pin variants (incl. PE)
  • For voltages up to 400 V (Type A), 250 V (Types B, C) and currents up to 16 A (Types A, B) /6 A (Type C)
  • Available as field-attachable version or with molded cables as well as adapters
  • Easy assembly thanks to large cable connection space
  • Uncompromising safety: International approvals VDE, UL, CSA, GL
  • Further areas of application with forms of Type A (DIN model EN 175301-803) as well as Type B and C (DIN version EN 175301-803 and industrial version)
  • Numerous connection possibilities due to patent-protected combination terminal for connecting stranded wires, fork-type eyelets or cable lugs
  • Protection class up to IP68

Order Numbers:
Cable socket molded with LED function indicator and varistor voltage protection

• VAD 1A-1-3-226/2 M Part No. 12136
• VAD 1A-1-3-226/5 M Part No. 12138
• VAD 1A-1-3-226/10 M Part No. 12135

Cable socket field-attachable, without protective circuit
• GDM 2016 Part No. 934 395-100
• GDM 3016 Part No. 934 395-100

Device plug
• GSA 2000 N Part No. 932 967-100
• GSA 3000 N Part No. 932 968-100

Technical data:

  • Number of pins: 2+PE, 3+PE (GDM, GSA), 2+2PE (VAD)
  • Cable gland: M16 (GDM)
  • Cable diameter/cross-section: 4,5–10 mm (max. 1.5 mm²)
  • Rated voltage: AC/DC 24 V (VAD), AC/DC 250 V (GDM), AC/DC 400 V (GSA)
  • Rated current: 4 A (VAD, 16 A (GDM, GSA)
  • Protection class: IP65 /67 (VAD), IP65 (GDM, GSA)
  • Temperature range: -25°C up to +90°C (VAD), -40°C up to +125°C (GDM, GSA)
  • Approvals: VDE (GDM, GSA), SEV/UL/CSA (GSA)