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Connect & Cable Products

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

The sensor connectors and cables are distinguished by the multitude of available standard and special types and are optimally suited for use in many areas of automation and other technologies. The portfolio comprises plug connectors in the model types M5, M8, M12, M23 and 7/ 8". In addition, the program includes 2-way distributors for I /O modules and T-distributors for the bus connection and the voltage supply of the ProfiBus, DeviceNet and InterBus Fieldbus systems.

Key features include:

  • Available with 2 to 19 pins
  • Straight and angled variants
  • For voltages up to 250 V (M12, M23, 7/8") or 60 V (M5, M8) and currents up to 12 A (7/ 8“), 10 A (M23), 4 A (M8, M12) or 1 A (M5)
  • Available as field-attachable connectors or with molded cables as well as T-distributors
  • Cable variants in many lengths with and without LED function indicator
  • Numerous connection possibilities – screwed clamp terminals, cage clamp terminals and quick connection technologies
  • Compact method of construction with rounded edges and new type of cable path
  • Protection class up to IP68 /69K