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CA, CM, NR and G Series (Connect and Cable Products)

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

The CA and CM series are utilized in the application areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, device and machine construction as well as in traffic control technology. An application that, in comparison to the others, is relatively new is photovoltaics.

The NR series is particularly versatile in power and control signal connections. It can be used even under the most extreme conditions, for instance in installations subject to strong vibrations.

The G series is designed for the harsh environment conditions of small drives, controls and sensors as well as for underground construction where small dimensions are required. In addition, it is suitable for use in actuators, sensing and power supplies.

Key features include:
CA/CM Serie

  • Available as 4 and 7 pin variants (incl. PE) for CA series and 3 to 17 pin variants (partly including PE) for the CM series
  • Reliable transmission properties even under high stress such as vibrations
  • High degree of resistance to external influences
  • Especially easy installation due to few components
  • CM series: compatible to metal connectors according to MIL-C-5015 and VG 95342
  • Protection class up to IP67

NR Serie

  • Available as 7 and 12 pin variants (incl. PE)
  • For voltages up to 250 V and currents up to 10 A
  • Selection of plastic or metal housing for permanent solutions
  • High degree of transmission safety due to continuous shielding against electro-magnetic radiation
  • Protection class IP65

G Serie

  • Available in 7 to 17 pin variants (partly incl. PE)
  • For voltages up to 250 V and currents up to 10 A
  • Compact plug design with low space requirement
  • Available as field-attachable or molded cable connector, as well as appliance connector
  • Protection class IP65