Brilliance® VideoTwist® UTP Cables

Networking Hardware

To meet the new video/data UTP requirements, Belden has designed a new series of cables. High resolution videos require high performance cables that have low signal skew and low return loss. Typically, these systems use bundled coax for the cable interconnection. Increasingly, however, system designers are turning to unshielded twisted pair (UTP) transmission equipment to distribute component RGB video because UTP is cheaper than coax. UTP cables also mean that the same cable can be used for premise LAN wiring – eliminating the need for two separate cables.

Brilliance VideoTwist® UTP cables offer the best low skew and return loss performance in the marketplace and are designed for quality video applications – plus they meet applicable TIA /EIA standards for data transmissions. The cables dramatically reduce installation costs but retain the appearance, feel and familiarity of a standard category twisted pair cable.