Belden® Industrial Network Protocol Solutions, Fieldbus Network Protocols

By Belden Australia Pty Ltd

PROFIBUS is the world’s most popular Fieldbus system with application specific profiles such as:

  • PROFIBUS DP – optimized for factory automation
  • PROFIBUS PA – optimized for process automation

To meet the specifications of PROFIBUS DP, Belden has developed a range of 150-Ohm Twinax (twisted pair) cables. These cables match the impedance of the factory automation systems, allowing for maximum signal transmission, while their overall Beldfoil® shield plus a 65% tinned copper braid are incorporated for maximum shielding effectiveness.

For PROFIBUS PA, Belden offers an 18 AWG stranded twisted pair cable with an overall Beldfoil® shield and an intrinsically safe (IS) blue jacket.